Poems composed by fellow coon hunters

Lord as I look up at the big bright moon 

I thanks you for this night to tree a coon .

I thank you Lord for my family and hound 

And I thank you Lord for the peace I've found

I thank you Lord for the gift of your son 

And for the glory I'll gain when my race is run.

But above all Lord many thanks for your love,

Sent down to me from up above.

Lord forgive me my sins and all I do wrong, 

In those times when I forget to whom I belong.

Walk with me Lord as I head to this tree,

And stay by my side from now to eternity

                            .................. Travis Sorrells....president CCHC

I'd like to ask a favor Lord when my last long trail is run  

I'd like to spend some time with you when my life down here is done

I've tripped on fences in the dark and I've waded mud and sand.

Been scratched by every briar and thorn thats known to mortal man 

I've broke through ice on frigid nights and dried by open flame,

I've been so cold and shivered so I couldn't  call my name.

I've fed old dogs that wouldn't hunt, had hounds that treed and  lied; Had some that rather run a deer than tree a raccoon hide'

Now Lord if you could just see fit, I'd feel forever blessed 

If you just had a cubby-hole for an old hunter could  sit and rest......

                                                           ........John Gwattney.......