Hello fellow Bluetickers.  I have been slacking for a couple of months.  The weather here is in the 30’s and coon season begins in a few days and is open in some states already.  Work has been horrible with very little free time and I have used all of my vacation days to attend blue hunts this year so hopefully nothing comes up till after January. We start working a new shift in January that will allow us every other weekend off which will be awesome.  I have to take a vacation day now to get a Saturday off as my days off are currently Tue/Wed.  This schedule has really affected my ability to run the BBOA effectively.  Because of this and no family time I have decided to step down as President.  We will be taking nominations in May at the Nationals for new officers.  If you or someone you know may be interested please attend the National meeting to make and accept the nomination.  Chad will also be stepping down as Treasurer.  This is definitely a job for someone with lots of free time to travel and attend events.

I just made the trip to Leslie Arkansas with my wife and her parents for the Lonnie Smiley Memorial Zone 7 Championship.  It was a wonderful time and I got to meet some awesome new friends, Jason Smiley, Jeremy and Emma Smiley, Tim (Cowboy) and Michele Smiley!

What wonderful people they are. My wife and the Smiley ladies cackled like little hens most of the time.  Michele was telling some wappers at her husband Tim’s expense.  I am told that Tim is not only a logger/saw mill master but he is also a master cowboy/bronc rider.  He is so good at riding horses that it is said he can break a horse in his sleep.  Come to think of it he actually tried it one night until he got bucked off and hot the dresser in the bedroom head first.  I will save the other stories.  Michele was full of them.  So close to Halloween you should call her and ask about the mummy she found beside her bed all rolled up in the blanket and wedged between the wall and the bed!

I want to thank the family a lot and also Jeremy and Emma for running the hunt and the fine kitchen.  I have attached the king/queens from the hunt with this column.  Although the numbers weren’t high but the dog quality the sportsmanship was exceptional!  I will definitely make this trip again.  They think I might be nuts but I want to try a few hunts in the Ozark hills.  Hopefully Jason has his new home all remodeled by then.  He has been working steadily on his dad’s old house and has it looking awesome.

I am sad to say that no one but the Smiley’s was present for the meeting and election of officers.  We will have to discuss at the winter meeting how to handle the zone.  Zone 7 has had no officers this year. 

The final hunt and show dogs should be set by the time you read this article for the new Invitational hunt/show that will take place in May at Eldon Iowa National Bluetick Days.  This is exciting setting for the best of the best hunt/show.  The winners from high scoring BBOA male/female from the Winter Classic, Autumn Oaks, World Hunt and National Bluetick Days along with the top Zone dog from each Zone and the 2017 invitational winner (16 dogs) will compete in the hunt and the top show dogs from each of the listed events also.  The grand champion male/female from the Winter Classic, Autumn Oaks, BBOA male/female from world hunt, King/Queen bluetick days and the top zone show dogs (22 dogs).  Top prize for the winner of the show and the hunt!

The Reunion will be in Miami Oklahoma in April and the BBOA Youth hunt will be in Zone 3 in Wisconsin in June.  We are taking bids for the 2nd Annual Rendezvous hunt for the fall of 2018. 

The bluebook ads were due by November 30.  The book will be going to press with whatever I received to put in it.  One of the biggest challenges as president is this book.  Trying to fill 300 pages of a book that everyone wants in their hands yesterday but no one wants to take the time to place an ad in it today.  One of the biggest things I hear is that this is a stud book and I do not have a stud dog.  Wrong this is a bluebook with any and all blueticks.  If you love a bluetick then you should let the others know by putting an ad in.

Last thing is I want to congratulate my son Ty for winning high scoring male at the Zone 3 hunt a few weeks ago.  Till next month keep blue and in the woods!

Thank You Very Much!!!

I will be seeing you all at the hunts soon.

 Keep ‘em blue and in the woods!


President Darren Batterson
17821 60th St. Ottumwa, IA 52501