Hello fellow Bluetickers.

It is just about time for Autumn Oaks and the World Hunt.  Be sure you get your entry into the BBOA World Jackpot.  There is currently $800 in the pot and it will grow with every entry this year.  For only $25 you can be eligible to win the pot.  Remember if a Bluetick does not win the pot then 10% of the pot will go to each entry that was the high scoring male and female.  Only those BBOA members that are entered in the pot are eligible to win any of the money.  The remaining 80% will carry over to next year’s pot.  You can sign up at Autumn Oaks in the BBOA booth or by getting your entry to your Zone Chairman before the Zone Semi Finals start.  No entries will be accepted after the Friday night deadline has passed.

We will need the dogs registered name along with all owners.  Remember owners must be BBOA members.  Get that info turned in asap.

I was asked about how to become a member.  There is some confusion on the matter.  UKC has taken over our membership list and is doing a great job.  The easiest way to sign up is to go online on UKC website and fill out the information.  There is a quick link on the website also.  You can also sign up at any BBOA event.  BBOA officers can still fill out the forms for UKC and we send those forms along with all membership fees to UKC and they run them through the system and send you a card in the mail and the funds are sent to our treasurer once a month.  You can also mail your membership to UKC with all of your information.  If you have an email address please include it so you UKC can send you a quick confirmation that they received your membership.  If you are still worried you can still send me your memberships and I will forward them on to UKC for you.  Our fees are $30 for Single/Family, $15 for Senior and $75 for a 3 year membership.  If you send your checks to me please make them out to UKC.

The new Rendezvous hunt is set for October in Shelbyville, Indiana.  We tried for Zone 2 and Zone 5 on the east side but until we get some idea how big it is going to be the unknown numbers are a problem for making guide lists.  Both Zone 2 and Zone 5 will be watching the numbers so they can plan accordingly for their bids next year.  A huge thanks to Sparky McClellan and JJ Callahan for giving it a shot and for planning on bidding next year.

The weather here is awful!  So hot and dry, no rain for 3 months.  There is no water in our creeks and ponds are drying up.  The bad part is it won’t last forever and the rains will come and things will change but it sucks now with nice pups to train and the conditions are worthless for hunting them.  I am looking forward to going to Autumn Oaks to get into some better hunting conditions.  We are loaded with coons but the powder dirt is just bad.  The old dogs can still tree a few coons but this is corn chase time here and the corn is small and no ears. 

I have been seeing several blues winning the hunts lately.  That is awesome!  We win more and more each year and are always making headway to bigger and better things. 

I will be seeing you all at the hunts soon.

 Keep ‘em blue and in the woods!


President Darren Batterson
17821 60th St. Ottumwa, IA 52501