BBOA Column

Hello everyone! 

                As you read this the Grand Reunion will be past news and Nationals will be just around the corner.  Jim Combs and I worked at putting together a quality event for the Reunion.  The winners should be on-line on UKC and our 

                I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some personal feelings I have.  Many of you know my son, Ty Batterson.  He really made me proud last fall when he asked me if he could call his kennel after my kennel name and continue the tradition.  He is an outstanding young man that has already earned a lot of respect among his peers in the world of coon hunting.  He has been selected as a quality judge for the last year at most events he attends.  He works at coon hunting and making better dogs.  He sat out of the competition end for a few years as he got burned a few times and now he has come back to it.  He has a desire to work and it shows in his attitude both on his job and at play.  He is not afraid of the dark and knows hunting a dog solo finishes the hounds.  I am a really proud father!

                Now for some news, hopefully you all have books in hand.  I think the board got the mess cleaned up from missing memberships and all those members have gotten their books.  Some post offices held the books because they would not fit into the boxes.  I have only had two returned at this time and both have been for incorrect addresses and forwarded to the correct address.  You should be getting a statement in the mail for book ads.  Also there are over $1000 in past due bills from the 2014 bluebook so please get those caught up. 

                As stated before we will have a lot to discuss at the meeting in May.  I hope many of you can attend.  We will be having election of officers to take over in May 2017 as well as a very special awards show at the meeting.  There will be ballots mailed out so please have your membership current so you are on the mailing list for ballots if you want to vote.  Do not forget about the World Hunt Jackpot also.  The pot was carried over from last since no winner.  Ron Behne from Bernard, IA with GrNtCh Rolin Blue Jo-Ann and James Atwell from Bastian, VA with NtCh Nite-Time’s Game Changing Blue each will claim a check for 10% of the jackpot at the Nationals for winning high scoring female and male.  To be eligible for the jackpot the dog must have been entered into the jackpot prior to competing.   We will also be awarding the high scoring performance bluetick from 2015 which will be claimed by Charles Morris from French Lick, IN with ChNtCh Starline Shadow of Levi.  I really hope all of our Lifetime Achievement and Hall of Fame winners can make the trip and be present for their awards also.

                The trophy committee has some new ideas for awards this year and we will be giving it a try at the Nationals.  There will be some very nice awards at the Nationals so please try and attend.  The Thursday meal should be awesome!          

                I also wanted to thank all of our members that work extra hard for this organization!  Thanks Dale Parker for taking care of the Grand American, Mike Harward & Eddie Harp for the Winter Classic, Woody Galloway for the Peach Classic and the whole crew with JJ Callahan & Wayne Hooker at the Virginia BBOA Zone 5 events.  I know I missed some so please don’t hold it against me.  It takes a lot more than a wheel to run any event or organization.  It takes all of the spokes working to support the wheel and all the grease to keep it smooth.  We need everyone working together and it is very nice to see that happening!

Until next month keep’em blue and in the woods.

President Darren Batterson
17821 60th St. Ottumwa, IA 52501