>> Bids are now open for 2018 Bluetick Days and 2018 Rendezvous hunt! <<

Vice President
Robbie Brooks
W 6745 Hwy. F

Cascade, Wi 53011
phone (414) 308-3037

Bids are now open for 2018 bluetick days and the 2018 rendezvous hunt. Any club interested in holding either event should contact Robbie Brooks for a set of guidelines and contracts. We need to act quickly so all bids can be presented to the membership at Bluetick Days. Bluetick Days is MAY 20TH at Bellevue MI. This is when all bids that have been received are voted on. Contact Robbie Brooks (414) 308-3037 or by email robbiebrooks82@yahoo.com. If your club is interested in hosting either event for 2018, get the club bid in before deadline or it will not be accepted as a possible site for these events!